Updated Reading List and News










Updated list as of June 20th 2017

So the reading list has been updated, and authors will be appended to it every so often. I want to say a huge thank you to those sending us authors lists, its incredibly helpful as this is a big job.  We are currently negotiating with several people to work on this project in an official capacity, and a web developer to create a searchable space on the WISWOS website over the summer: a wiki of female authors on sound and music. This will be taking place next to a total redevelopment of the website as we engage with secondary schools with our new project A toolkit for activating women in sound in a Box.  This group will be responsible for collecting and helping archive this information. More news on this to follow after the 21st of April.

We are so excited by how enthused the response has been to this idea and how valuable a resource this list will be to artists, composers, researchers, technologists and educators. Our hope is to create a space where you can locate female authors who have contributed to the widest variety of fields and disciplines in sound and music.  But in the interim please feel free to download our current document and browse the authors and publications.


Updated Reading List and News