Educating Girls in Sound

Educating Girls in Sound 2016


      Our full proceedings are now available HERE

The Educating Girls in Sound event took place on the 22nd of April at the Peter Scot Gallery in Lancaster University. The day included a workshop organised for teenage girls from the Lakes Schools area in Lancashire, their school teachers, and a selection of female sonic artists. The workshop involved them constructing an oscillator and performing with it.


Oscillator workshop

Oscillator workshop



In the early morning there was a discussion presented by Liz Dobson and Anna Xambó, which explored gender participation in a number of sonic art fields including the development of their own research projects.



Liz Dobson and Anna Xambó Liz Dobson and Anna Xambó



The afternoon discussions involved all participants, including the teenagers and their teenagers, exploring two questions related to female participation in the sonic arts.












The evening concluded with a fantastic concert of works, information of performances and performers available in the proceedings above. The day also included the presentation of a number of sonic art works curated in the Peter Scot Gallery.


Antye Greie-Ripatti Antye Greie-Ripatti

Keiko Uenishi Keiko Uenishi



Installing the sonic art works Installing the sonic art works










Details of this event and the WISWOS forum of 2015 will be published later this year, we hope that through the dissemination of the ideas, concepts, challenges and approaches to gender inclusion in the sonic arts that we might begin to move forward and reverse the gender exclusion in the sonic arts.