Following on from the last WISWOS event Educating Girls on Sound on Thursday the 16 June 2016  Lisa Busby and Steph Horak of Goldsmiths brought WISWOS to London. Steph played a strong role in the development of a workshop for young girls in sound on the 22nd of April at Lancaster Arts as part of WISWOS’s goal to make visible, women in sound.

As part of the overall goal of WomenINONSound agenda of making Visible, WISWOS Goldsmiths explored the theme Sound, Education, Experience.  They focused on the visibility of women in sound practice and music technology. They hoped to identify major challenges and trends for women in the field and how we can best support each other; but also celebrate and strengthen the existing, fruitful and diverse network of women across London working with or in sound.


The full programme is available HERE

We are currently working on a report publication that will reflect all three WISWOS events, which we hope will be published by the years end. Below are some images of the events that took place at WISWOS London.

audience performancePic Poster presenterimage Talk Talk2 Talk3 workshop workshop1